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The Entrepreneur Mindset (Presentation by Ty Rhame)

If you’ve always wondered if you could be an entrepreneur, this presentation will help you understand what’s behind the successful ones. Are you ready to give it a try?

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The Art of Managing Others

Success in business can be determined by how well you are able to manage your employees. Finding the right role for yourself, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, giving your employees roles and tasks that match their strengths, and motivating your employees are all important.
Here are some quick tips to help get you started on the right path.

1. Surround yourself with true professionals/experts
A true business leader doesn’t succeed solely on their own skills. Instead, focus on finding and hiring true experts to help run the business in the best way possible.

2. Free up your time
One of the main rationales behind the art of managing others is to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by work. Be sure you free up time to spend with your family and enjoy life.

3. Hire experts
Surrounding yourself with experts is a smart way to maximize your own talents and strengths and focus on what you do best.

4. Learn to delegate
No one can be an expert at everything. Delegate tasks that you cannot perform optimally to others on your team.

5. Focus on the positive
Most successful entrepreneurs are positive people; they focus on solutions more than problems. A positive mental attitude will make it very easy for you to influence your team positively.

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Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur by Ty Rhame

As an entrepreneur, I would say that relationships are the key to any business endeavor, at least that’s true for me. That doesn’t minimize the importance of the other elements, however, especially experience and perseverance. I guess I’d call those three things the trifecta of entrepreneurship. Visit Ty Rhame Youtube for more videos.

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Traits of Successful People [Infographic]

I don’t think I can say enough about the importance of perseverance. Without it, there is no success. Check my infographic for more good traits that will help you get where you want.

Traits of Successful People by Tyson Rhame

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Failing Until You Succeed

Seth Godin and I are in agreement that risks can be considered as opportunities. If you fail, even dozens of times, you are still in the game and you have an opportunity ahead of you. As a pilot as well as an entrepreneur, I understand that risks need to be appropriate for what you’re doing. I’m a big believer in exploring and trying out new things – it’s what entrepreneurs do.

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