Hire Slow but Fire Fast

It’s important to take your time and do your due diligence when it comes to hiring an employee. This helps to ensure that you hire the right person for the job. On the other hand, be ready to get rid of that person as quickly as possible if they aren’t working out. Remember that employees are investments and you want to drop your bad investments as soon as possible.

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About Ty Rhame “Tyson Rhame”

Entrepreneur, philanthropist, motivator, and father Tyson Allen Rhame is an active duty United States Air Force Reserves Lieutenant Colonel who has used his Air Force Academy education, military training, and astute business knowledge to create a wealth of success for himself. Tyson Rhame has also made it a personal goal to educate and inspire others to use the tools and resources afforded to them in order to enhance their future success as well. Ty Rhame graduated from the United States Air Force Academy in 1988 and has maintained a steady momentum of reaching higher levels of personal accomplishment and influence. After displaying exemplary dedication to the United States Air Force for several years, Tyson A. Rhame became a member of the Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors.


As a member of the Air Force Academy Endowment Board of Directors, Ty Rhame assists Congressmen in the selection process of cadets entering into the various Air Force Academies. Cadets who are accepted in to the Air Force Academy can look forward to Tyson Rhame playing an active role in advising and encouraging others to make the most of their Air Force experience and using their personal assets as well as their Air Force values and training to become great leaders. In addition, to Ty Rhame’s air force fueled education and Bachelor of Science degree in Political Science only enhanced his want to attain a higher level of leadership and success through entrepreneurship.

Ty Rhame has built an impressive business portfolio by coupling his military training and experience with his educational background and intuitive business knowledge. With over 20 different businesses which he is either co-owner to or offers his strategic planning advice to in order to enhance or maintain the business’ success. Tyson Rhame’s investments and business ventures vary in industry, from real estate, automotive, personal security, apparel, yachting, and crowd funding he definitely has a diverse portfolio to reference when relaying his expertise in business.


Ty Rhame uses an interactive and informative approach to assist other entrepreneurs in enhancing their success through Ty Rhame Slideshare where presentation material with extremely valuable information is posted in an easy to understand format. In the above presentation series, on www.tyrhame.com Tyson Rhame elaborates on the connection between his military experience and his entrepreneurship. For example, Ty Rhame shares this powerful statement in regards to entrepreneurship and the associated attributes of the military by stating, “A successful entrepreneur must be disciplined in there operational decisions and risk management processes. Just like with the military, it can get very costly when an entrepreneur gets careless or sloppy with operations or risk/reward assessments.” Tyson Rhame also directs his audience’s attention to the traits within themselves to hone in on in order to be successful entrepreneurs with videos such as the one displayed in this press release: http://www.prweb.com/releases/ty_rhame/entrepreneurs/prweb12932341.htm.

Tyson Rhame’s entrepreneurial acumen stems from his personal success from businesses such as Trinvest, LLC, an Atlanta based real estate investment company, Sterling Currency Group an “A” rated Better Business Bureau company that specializes in online currency exchange, the Recleim Group an appliance de-manufacturing company, and SterlingFunder.com an amazing resource linking entrepreneurs who need capital with investors. In addition to these companies, Tyson Rhame also has an online art brokerage called the Online Art Group, a creative idea with the company Uservia, who specializes in connecting homeowners to service professionals who can assist with general home maintenance issues, and a practical and unique hat company by the name of JBREM. JBREM manufactures hat to cater to consumers such as truck drivers and athletes who wear baseball caps and sun glasses, and often place their sun glasses on their head when not in use. Although Ty Rhame has set a high standard for businesses that he chooses to add to his portfolio he remains open to new business ventures.

Tyson Rhame is also very well known in Atlanta, Ga for his philanthropy. Ty Rhame has made substantial donations to the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta in addition to donating over 1,000 acres of land for the sole purpose of land conservation between Georgia, South Carolina, and Tennessee. The total sum of that extremely generous donation was $20 million. The majority of those donations made by Ty Rhame for land conservation went specifically to the cities of Union City, GA and Graniteville, SC. The initial plan of the conservation project was to voluntarily restrict landowners rights to build, mine, or remove trees in the desginated areas. Tyson A. Rhame dedicates another great deal of his time and currency to charitable causes. With several business related philanthropy projects, Ty Rhame is an advocate for the betterment of other people.

Ty Rhame established a foundation called The Rhame Family Foundation which further illustrates Ty Rhame’s want and ability to give. The basis of the Rhame Family Foundation is to cater to the education system, which in return is an investment in the future of the world through our youth. Tyson Rhame aims to enhance the overall learning experience in schools by donating necessary items and equipment to local Atlanta, GA schools through the Rhame Family Foundation. Previously, The Rhame Family Foundation has donated things such as computers, tennis racquets, and wrestling mats as well as various other sporting goods to local area students. Ty Rhame YouTube can be used as a visual resource to see the interaction and result of the Rhame Family Foundation’s efforts in the community.

Tyson A. Rhame also has a proven dedication to our military veterans and health research by using monetary contributions to assist with projects such as Wounded Warriors Project, Hire Heros, the Multiple Sclerosis Society, and the St. Judes Children’s Research to name a few. Ty Rhame’s passion about giving has led to over $80,000 being given to various charities. Ty Rhame Facebook, Ty Rhame TwitterTumblr Tyson Rhame, WordPress for Tyson A. Rhame, and Blogger Tyson Rhame  can all be used to view informational material and presentations directly from Ty Rhame to assist entrepreneurs and cadets in their journeys to success as well as links to his business related philanthropy endeavors.

Tyson Rhame On the News:

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The Entrepreneur Mindset (Presentation by Ty Rhame)

If you’ve always wondered if you could be an entrepreneur, this presentation will help you understand what’s behind the successful ones. Are you ready to give it a try?

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The Art of Managing Others

Success in business can be determined by how well you are able to manage your employees. Finding the right role for yourself, identifying the strengths and weaknesses of your employees, giving your employees roles and tasks that match their strengths, and motivating your employees are all important.
Here are some quick tips to help get you started on the right path.

1. Surround yourself with true professionals/experts
A true business leader doesn’t succeed solely on their own skills. Instead, focus on finding and hiring true experts to help run the business in the best way possible.

2. Free up your time
One of the main rationales behind the art of managing others is to make sure you aren’t overwhelmed by work. Be sure you free up time to spend with your family and enjoy life.

3. Hire experts
Surrounding yourself with experts is a smart way to maximize your own talents and strengths and focus on what you do best.

4. Learn to delegate
No one can be an expert at everything. Delegate tasks that you cannot perform optimally to others on your team.

5. Focus on the positive
Most successful entrepreneurs are positive people; they focus on solutions more than problems. A positive mental attitude will make it very easy for you to influence your team positively.

For more articles about entrepreneurship check Ty Rhame profiles:

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Qualities of a Successful Entrepreneur by Ty Rhame

As an entrepreneur, I would say that relationships are the key to any business endeavor, at least that’s true for me. That doesn’t minimize the importance of the other elements, however, especially experience and perseverance. I guess I’d call those three things the trifecta of entrepreneurship. Visit Ty Rhame Youtube for more videos.

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Can Entrepreneurs Change the World?

This panel discussion features some savvy entrepreneurs who have valuable advice to offer about mistakes they themselves made on the path to success. They make some great observations, especially that the Internet creates opportunities for success, but you still need to work. “Failure is not an option.” Watch this video to get some great perspective.

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Service in the U.S. Air Force

Being awarded the Meritorious Service Medal was a great honor for me. I have been fortunate to serve 31-plus years and counting in the armed forces of the United States of America and I am very thankful for the critical skills I learned in the military that have helped me become successful in life.

Tyson Rhame Service Medals

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This pretty much sums it up – if you’re not willing to do the work, don’t expect to succeed.

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Traits of Successful People [Infographic]

I don’t think I can say enough about the importance of perseverance. Without it, there is no success. Check my infographic for more good traits that will help you get where you want.

Traits of Successful People by Tyson Rhame

Use the embed code below to add this infographic to your website!

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